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About the Lottery Prediction page:

- Lottery is a long story, folk handed down many tips to serve the needs of lottery like Book of Dreams, Tarot ... But after all, the predictions, enlightened to the present are based on the will, as dream, conjecture or luck ....

- works in a whole new way: It is pioneering the application of artificial intelligence in Lotto Prediction.
Rationale: Renato Gianella, a Brazilian mathematician and economist, and several other scientists have studied and devised algorithms for the random relationship of numbers. Gianella's research found that not all combinations of numbers are capable of appearing equally. In short, a few numbers have the opportunity to be chosen as bigger winnings.
Mr. Gianella emphasized that there is a form of application rules for all lottery programs around the world. We can calculate it using complex algorithms, which in turn derive the method of predicting the application lottery for reward programs based on the results of previous dialects. Based on these algorithms, we apply Big Data technology and artificial intelligence to analyze, calculate and produce predictive results.

What is Bigdata?

Bigdata is a term used to refer to a very large set of data and is so complex that traditional data processing tools and applications can not handle it. However, Bigdata contains a lot of valuable information that if extracted successfully, it will help a lot in predicting future results.

What is Artificial Intelligence? How to apply in Lottery prediction?

Artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence is the brains of computers that have superior features such as the human brain, the ability to think, understand and learn.
From the results of the previous shootings, artificial intelligence will analyze and calculate the relationships between numbers, for example: appear in pairs together, the frequency of the most, at least, appear in the last draws day ... apply math functions, bigdata and statistical probabilities ... it will learn and produce more accurate results.

- Develop artificial intelligence to predict the world lottery types: European, Australian, American Lottery. - Increasing investment, upgrading the system regularly, focusing on multi-processing system towards a transcendental intelligence capable of predicting more and more accurate.

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